Hi Peter and Michelle!


Well we are long overdue to send an update! As you can see from the pics - this boy has the life. 


He is SUCH a good puppy. He aced his puppy class; he was the youngest in the class by a year and was the best behaved and could always do the tricks quicker than the other puppies. We were blown away at his very first class, not knowing how it would go - but man is he smart. 


His favorite thing to do is go to the local dog park. We try and take him there at least 5 times a week, because a good couple miles of running out there and all that socializing and he's toast :) So well-exercised and happy the rest of the day/night. He has never met a stranger; so sweet and social with both people and other dogs, and the perfect mix of independent and attached. He comes when we call him but is also perfectly happy to go run around with another group of pups. Last week we were dying laughing as he found an old beat up frisbee that he proud toted around in his mouth, he would dare the other dogs to come get it from him and at the last second dart away! What a rascal. 


He really loves his dad since he works from home, they literally spend every moment together. His crates are working out great, both at night and minimally as needed during the day. We really don't leave him alone that much, but when we have to, he rarely has accidents anymore. 


We got a fence for the yard about a month ago, which has made his life happy. He can prance around there all day and bask in the sun. 


There's also a wooded trail by our house (a forest preserve that has a link right from our neighborhood) that he loves to walk around. He has to be on leash for that, but he does really well. 


We just wanted you guys to see how well your little guy is doing, and how LOVED he is. we can't wait to see him grow into an adult dog; he's nearly perfect now and he's still a baby, so we can't even imagine how awesome he'll be as an adult! 


Thank you again and hope you guys are healthy and well!


Christin and Dave

Hi Peter, 

He's the best.  So full of life and energy and love.  He always wants to be involved, give kisses, be affectionate and play.  He's awesome with other dogs.  I've never seen a pup respond so well to other animals.  And he's great with other people.  The vet said he's the healthiest, most well tempered, most intelligent Vizsla she's ever seen.  I gotta say, Peter - y'all's pack/family is excellent.  

B.J. and Melli

My experience with Peter and Michelle has been absolutely amazing. Peter saw I filled out my contact information on the website and unlike any other breeder I was reaching out to, got in contact with me right away. Peter was so informative and helpful with the process of me getting my first puppy. His interview process was thorough as he is always thinking about the best interest of his dogs.


Within the next week I drove up to see the puppies and he wasn't lying when he said these were the best Vizslas around. I came home with my little Louie and have never been happier! Louie is extremely intelligent, caring, cuddling, sweet, and playful. We are one week in and he knows how to sit, stay (sometimes), walk up and down the stairs, walk on a leash, and almost potty trained.


These Vizslas come from such an intelligent, great line of dogs and I would never get another Vizsla from anyone other than Peter. His wife, Michelle, was also super helpful with the process and informed me with tips and tricks for me and my new running buddy, Louie. 


The knowledge they shared was so valuable and helped me preparing for my new life with him. Louie is the happiest little guy and I have Peter and Michelle to thank for that.




Peter & Michelle,

Phil and I have had such a lovely experience getting our vizsla Zoe through you. I reached out to many breeders in search for our girl and from the second we spoke to you we just knew this was the right place.  We loved how passionate and loving you were for this breed and your dogs, the knowledge you shared was so valuable and really helped us in preparing for her.

During our interview you mentioned that the puppies you find homes for become an extended family and we truly feel that.  Zoe is a gorgeous healthy pup and it is thanks to your knowledge and care that she is the dog she is. 

Both you and Michelle were amazing in your quick replies to any questions we had.  Even after we received Zoe you were there to give me more advice and for that this experience is like no other, it is extremely appreciated.

The joy we get in knowing that our dog was cared and loved for from day one is so satisfying and making new friends in the process is just an extra bonus!  Thank you both for this experience and for our little girl.


Natasha and Phil


Hi Peter.  I wanted you to know that she's doing great I couldn't be happier. She's so smart and a fast learner and an absolutely gorgeous dog. The crate training has been a very easy adjustment for her which I'm super grateful for. I take her everywhere with me from the archery range every morning to running around town. I get so many compliments on her. Thank you so much for the opportunity of having one of your vizslas.



John, Gabrielle and Canela

Gabrielle and I couldn’t be happier with the puppy we got from Peter and Michelle. From the first conversation we had with Peter through the ongoing questions I’ve been asking him since we got her, he has provided a wealth of information. I admire the way he talks about Vizslas, expressing a sense of care and love that I’ve never heard in a breeder before, and now that I have one of his Vizslas it all makes sense.


Our puppy, Canela, is a smart, beautiful, well-tempered sweetheart who is just as happy running back and forth across the lawn as she is sitting in my lap. When she arrived she was nearly fully potty trained and accidents have been at a minimum. She is a natural people-lover and when people meet her for the first time they always note how smart she is…right after they tell us how cute she is! It’s evident that Peter and Michelle have done an amazing job raising their Vizslas, and we’ll do our best to maintain such a high standard with our Canela. She is a natural retriever, loves to play anything that involves me and Gabrielle, and I can tell from our short jogs and sprint sessions that she will make the perfect running companion.

My brother has already shown interest in Vizslas since meeting Canela over FaceTime and the countless pics I send him. When the time comes I will absolutely recommend he contact Peter and Michelle.


Thank you Peter and Michelle, you’ve made the three of us a happy family!


 Dear Peter and Michelle,

    As soon as we started searching for a Vizsla puppy we found you guys!  After looking at your website and talking to you, without a doubt we knew you guys are that special family where we want our girl from. Sometimes you just know, not even the distance was able to scare us away :-)!!!!! We drove 13 hours from New Jersey to meet you and HARPER . 


     It’s been a week she is making our life more full and complete than you can imagine.  HARPER is smart, sensitive, loving, gentle and absolutely amazing little girl.  Dave and I are mesmerized how much she knows already.  It’s either genetics or you guys been training her extensively, you must have a secret? LOL


    Thank you so much for all your support on a DAILY BASIS, helping us to make her transition easier and less stressful. Thank you for offering a lifetime support with her, as you always have your puppies best interest in front of your eyes.


     You know that we are already thinking about an additional puppy? Being in LOVE with HARPER is an under-statement.


    Warm regards,

     Dave and Maria


I had to put down my Yorkie after 11 good years, when I woke up on Saturday morning the house felt to quiet without a dog around. Since I have had dogs my whole entire married life I knew it was time to get a new one. As I remember my brother in law having a Vizsla years ago I started to research the breed. I came across Peter’s web site and called him.


At first Peter was a little apprehensive about selling me a pup because of my loss, as peter felt his pup would not be cared for properly, this is a good thing as it protects the pups well. After about an hour interview he felt we can handle our new puppy. This interview is one of a great breeder. Well on Dec 12, 2015 we picked our puppy up from the airport and she was happy go lucky from the start. She has been here a week and already walks on a leash, sits, and knows her name.


This only shows you how Peter and Michelle not only care for their puppies, but how smart they are and how fast they are trainable. Peter and Michelle always keep in touch with you and send you updated pictures of the puppy. I can only tell anyone that buys a dog from Peter and Michelle will be the happiest people in the world.


For people that fear buying from his website, don’t because Peter is everything he says about the breed and his dogs. My advice to people looking to purchase a Vizsla is go for it and make sure you spend a lot of time and loving affection with them as that’s what they are looking for. We love our dog ginger and look forward to the upcoming years with her. Thanks Peter and Michelle for your honesty and caring.


We Thank You

Rich and Josephine


Dear Peter:

 I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and my family providing us with a gorgeous dog and a great experience buying from you. You never made us feel like it was a transaction and your passion for vizslas was evident right from the start. The dog is gorgeous and we can't walk down the street without being stopped by people wanting to meet him! All of your knowledge and advice is making it a very easy transition bringing home a new puppy. So once again, thank you and I am grateful that we found you and were lucky enough to take home one of your dogs!



June 21st 2015


Recently I purchased a girl puppy from Peter and could not be more satisfied with the puppy nor the sequence of events leading up to the puppy arriving. Peter called me via FaceTime to let me see which puppy I was getting and spent about 45 minutes explaining and demonstrating behaviors of and requirements for Vizslas, as well as answering any questions I had.


After receiving her, even with the rough transition from her original family to mine, I still woke up to a dry kennel about 90% of the time in the first week. Kennel training went quickly and smoothly. Peter’s dogs are extremely intelligent and have a lot of human interaction prior to arriving to their new homes, making the transition seamless. I couldn't be happier with my puppy.


Aaron A.-  Florida

It was such an amazing experience working with Michelle and Peter! They are kind people who are truly in love with Vizslas which can be seen by how well your pup is taken care of before bringing him home! They have been so informative before, during, and after this process! We cannot be happier with our new puppy and addition to our family! Thank you to them for helping complete our family!!!


Kurt & Abby


  I just had to share.

 I finally got Bella out for her first field training.  She was AWESOME!!!

 I can’t describe how great it was to see her in the field working with live birds.  She was doing so well and they kept saying that they normally stop at certain points on certain dogs but she was doing great for the entire time.  She had a natural point and a great nose.  She never flinched with the cap gun.

 I will be working on Whoa, Come here all the way and tracking scent on the ground until we see them again next month.

 The trainers were very impressed and complemented her demeanor and her breeding.

 I will let you know how she progresses though the year but felt so good I needed to give you the news.



Hi Pete & Michelle:


It's been forever since we've been touch but was just looking over your website to see all the new gorgeous pups you have available and WOW they are stunning. Copper is truly my best friend.  Can you believe in Oct she will be TWO???  Time flies!  We are planning to move to Oregon in the next couple years when Jeff retires from the fire department and we will want to get another one of your gorgeous pups!!!  Copper is an AMAZING family dog but her innate ability to point and flush out birds is UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Everyone who sees her in action just can't believe how intelligent, agile and athletic she is.  I just can't say enough great things about your pups.  Keep up the great work...oh by the way...Copper is now a water dog!!!  She LOVES the beach and swims in all pools.  Yesterday she tried to jump into the bath with me.  Lol.


I will send photos soon! 

Warmest regards, Nancy

PS I have sooo much respect for the statement you put on your website about thinking twice before adopting a Vizsla puppy.  These dogs are truly a step above the rest and NEED their human companions.  Copper is almost human!!!


Sent from my iPad




Copper's temperament is unbelievable!!!  She gets along beautifully with most dogs unless there is a dog that is overly aggressive then she becomes submissive as expected.  She is very friendly to people she knows but does have a tendency to be extremely protective of me and our property ... She chases people along the fence barking fiercely lol.  I can't say enough good things though about her.  I think the MOST spectacular trait is her hunting instinct.   Her entire purpose in life is to hunt birds lol... Once she is fixated on a bird that's it!!!!  Amazing and agile!!! Loyal and super affectionate as most of these pups are.  I think I'm going to be getting another one from you but this time a boy!!!  You really hold the standard for breeding amazing hunting dogs!!!  I can't tell you how many people stop me and say what a beautiful dog I have.  In all honesty, I'm glad she's not that receptive to strangers so I never have to worry about someone stealing her, etc. She LOVES her home and protects it!!  I could go on and on about how much I love this dog!  I'm so glad I found you guys and hope you continue to breed these magnificent animals.





Peter and Michelle,


 I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get back to you. I want to let you know that Sadie is doing absolutely wonderful!  She is everything that I could have hoped for in a dog and more.  She is such a treat and will play for hours but also cuddle up and fall asleep on my chest.  She found her favorite spot right in front of my gas fireplace. She also has done quite well with crate training and is great about letting me know when she needs to go out.


I have been taking her on walks and hikes and keeping a 25 ft. lead attached to her. She loves working side to side on the path and stops on a dime and returns back when I call her.  I get nothing but compliments from everyone on her. Even my vet was amazed with her demeanor and personality.


She continues with her pointing exercises and I started her on retrieving smaller canvas dummies with pheasant wings and scent attached.  Her eyes light up and she gets so excited when we get to the field and she sees the wings come out.  We are sure to not do it for too long and stop while she is still excited about it.


I honestly can’t thank you enough for allowing me to adopt one of your puppies.  She has brought and continues to bring so much joy to my house. My friends adore her and I can’t get enough of being around her.  I attached some pictures of her.  Please feel free to use them on your website or anything else if you like. Thank you once again, I can’t express how much happiness and joy she has brought to me!



Joe and Sadie



I've been meaning to send you some photos, we have so many. She is a wonderful addition to our family, we love her so much!  She's always entertaining, and such a  sweetheart. She loves to cuddle, and always steals our spots when we get up. She's so smart. I've never had such an easy time housebreaking a dog. I am still amazed at how quickly, and completely she was trained. I'm going to start running with her, and disc throwing this summer, she's already great at catching her toys out of the air!



Dear Peter


We wanted to take a minute to write you to tell you how over joyed we are with our new Vizsla, Remington. He has been an absolute joy to our family, and we really wonder why we waited so long. But that is really where the story begins, and I have to say that the two of you were a big part of why we feel so fortunate to have a dog of this caliber and quality.


We had been considering another dog for a few years, but due to our work schedules, our children’s ages and the busy life with travels, we had been putting the decision off. We had considered a Vizsla in the past, as well as another Lab, which we had owned several years ago, and had to give up due to an overseas assignment that would not have allowed our great hunting dog to have had any quality of life. We were again considering a Lab, but we had a pointing dog in our minds as well. When we agreed on a Vizsla, the challenge only started, as we knew that we really wanted to find the right dog, in personality, size, color and hunting capability. These are also not the most common breed, so the search took us to many kennels in order to not only find a dog, but find the right one.


Our experience with Peter gave both my wife and I an immediate comfort that we had found the right people to deal with for our pet. Peter actually interviewed us to insure one of his dogs would end up in the right home. I had every confidence that you would have been happy to turn us down had we not had the right home, property size, time and life style to handle a Vizsla. The questions and time that we both took to understand the pedigree, the size, the capability and the personality of his pups was good for both parties, and we soon came to the realization that we had a match.


Our initial experience was also phenomenal with Remington. Although he cried a little on our trip back to Michigan, he slept through the first night and ever since. He never had any accidents in his crate, and only a couple of minor ones that occurred when he got excited over a new person coming in and gushing over his great looks and personality. Remington is four months old now, is pointing at birds, and has all the makings of an excellent hunter. More importantly, he has become a family member, and just a great pet to have around !


Peter, I would recommend you to anyone looking for a Vizsla, and we would both be happy to talk to anyone who has questions about you, your dogs and our experience.  Many thanks again, and we will keep in touch with pictures and news about Remington.

Sincerely yours,

The Greidanus Family


 Well guys...she is the PERFECT pup for our family.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are with her.  Especially ME!!  I've fallen head over HEELS inlove with her.  I think the feeling is mutual.  The fact that we are together 24/7 makes a difference.  I love her sooooo much!  I can tell she is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  She's almost potty trained completely and does not mind the crate at all now.  She knows when it's time to go to bed and she sleeps thru the night with no problem.  I've changed her food to a very high grade puppy food that I had my other dogs on but nothing but the best for my pups...lol.  She LOVES it and she's tolerating it very well.  Nice firm poops!!!  Yay....


Chester and Copper are INLOVE with each other and I'm NOT kidding.  He sleeps by her crate and whimpers when I put her to bed.  They play FOR HOURS.  Today I took some video of them playing in my bedroom so I will download it and send it to you both.

Anyway...you've made us a very happy and complete family.  I'll be in touch soon!



 After a great deal of research, my husband and I finally decided to buy our first dog. We had grown fond of the Vizsla after reading about their temperament and athletic nature. We wanted a dog that would be both a running and hiking partner, as well as an oversized lap dog. Unfortunately, by the time we made this decision, my husband was about to deploy, and we wanted a dog before he left.


We looked within a 12-hour radius for a Vizsla, but there were none to be found. Eventually we expanded our search almost nationwide, and that is how we came across Peter. We were hesitant about buying a dog over the internet from a family we had never met. However, Peter and Michelle quickly eased our worries. They took the time to skype with us on several different occasions and interviewed us as we interviewed them. It was easy to see that they genuinely cared for their Vizslas and wanted to ensure they went to great homes. They answered all of our emails and phone calls promptly—giving us well-informed responses to our overabundance of questions. They even sent us weekly picture updates of Fritz.


Michelle took care of the travel arrangements and paid close attention to the forecast—as he would be flying out of Chicago in the winter. She took the time to change flights for our little fellow at the last minute to both avoid a snowstorm and help get Fritz to us before my husband deployed. We have been so happy with Fritz.



 I have had two vets and a local Vizsla breeder all remark to me that he is a “good-looking dog” that was “well-bred” and “will likely not have any health issues!” He has already shown that he plays well with other dogs, toddlers, and the elderly, and we feel really blessed to have him as part of our family!


 Andy and Chelsea

From Texas


 I just wanted to say that our family’s experience with Peter and Michelle has been excellent! Our daughter Anise has autism, and we really wanted to find a dog that would be a life-long friend to her.


I must say that we were nervous about finding the right puppy for Anise. We also had reservations about the fact that we live in PA and that the puppy would have to be shipped up here to us. Peter and Michelle were sensitive to that and were patient in trying to find the right fit for our family. They always responded quickly to our questions and emails; they truly put our minds at ease. They took care of all the arrangements to ship the puppy to us and kept us informed along the way about the whole process.


Beauseant has been a blessing to us all! He is smart and loving. Anise has learned how to start taking care of him, and they have both learned to have fun and patience with each other. My daughter’s favorite activity is swimming. From the first day we took Beauseant to the pool with her, he jumped in and swam with her. I feel although he is still a puppy that he exhibits a watchfulness and protectiveness over her that is remarkable. We could not be happier with the choice that Peter and Michelle made for our family!


Our family highly recommends Peter and Michelle if you are looking for a Vizsla puppy. They are extremely knowledgeable and you can feel their deep love for the breed. We personally experienced the commitment they make to the individuals that decide to purchase puppies from them.


Thank you Peter and Michelle!


The Brandon Family



Hi Peter,


Happy New Year !!, OPi is doing fantastic, she has grown like a weed! She has been the best puppy I have ever had, totally house broken, does what you ask her to do mostly the first time. She has a great personality. I have a trainer who has worked with her for several weeks and he thinks she is quite remarkable for her age. She plays every day with older dogs and gives them a run for their money, they have really trained her! She loves the beach and now that it is season here there are lots of dogs to play with on the beach. She followed the other dogs into the ocean and we are teaching her to body surf, the board will be next.


Tillie is also doing great, she is up in Rochester much more now and she rules the office there, we were able to get rid of our paper shredder as she took over! She is in school a few times a week and is a very good student. Tillie turned out to be the wild one, Opi is much more mellow! They are a riot together.


Hope all is well and thanks again for the great puppies!



 I highly recommend dealing with Peter when considering a vizsla. 


We live in New Orleans, and we were hesitant to pick a dog without ever seeing the dog or meetng the breeder face-to-face.  Unfortunately, we could not locate any local Vizsla breeders with any puppies, any puppies on the way, or planned litters.  So we started looking on-line.  Peter's site was informative.  The site encourages you to call or email him with any questions.  When we did, Peter was quick to respond. All our emails and calls were answered quickly, and Peter never made us feel like we were bothering him.  He listened to why we wanted a Vizsla, and what we were looking for.  He was genuinely interested in matching the right puppy to the right family.


 Lucky for us, Peter had a litter just a few weeks from being ready to be placed.  He sent us pictures and video of some of the pups he thought would be a good fit for us.


Peter and his wife made all the travel arrangements, and made us aware of how and why they were choosing to send her to us the way they did.  We were nervous, but it all worked as planned.


Within a few weeks of seeing the website and "meeting" Peter, our family had our first puppy.  She is a wonderful dog -- smart, great looking, playful, and lots of fun.


We would (and probably will) call on Peter again for a Vizsla.


 - Eric Nowak, New Orleans


My boyfriend and I recently purchased our new puppy Otto from Peter and Michelle on Oct 22.  I spent quite a bit of time searching for breeders in our area, but I wasn't able to find one that I was 100% comfortable with.  When I came across Peter's website, I was instantly interested.  I loved that he appeared to be more concerned with the well being of his puppies and that they would find good homes, rather than become show dogs, or hunting dogs, or just looking to make a sale. Instead, that they would be treated the way they deserved.


Well after I spoke to Peter, our conversation only reconfirmed the impression I got from his website.  We live in Massachusetts, so I was pretty apprehensive about purchasing a puppy from someone so far away, but Peter made me feel comfortable about the whole situation.  He took videos of the pups, uploaded them within a half an hour of our first conversation, and agreed to meet me at the airport with the two males I had to choose from. 


His wife and he seemed like such great people and made me feel extremely comfortable with our decision.  We are thrilled that we chose a Vizsla for our first dog.  He is so amazing! Very bright, animated, and such a cuddler!!  Otto is a great addition to our family! Thank you Peter and Michelle!!


Erin and Dave

New Hampshire


 Ed & Amy Schaumburg IL


We had a wonderful experience getting our Vizsla puppy from Peter.  Peter has been in touch since day one and has done a great job educating us about these amazing dogs.  Our little puppy has been such a joy in our lives already.  She is a gorgeous puppy and has such confidence in herself.  She is very smart and is coming along great in her training.  You can tell that Peter has a great love for these dogs as he always checks up on us to make sure our puppy is okay.  I'm a Vizsla fan for life and I would definitley get another dog from Peter and his family.  I would recommend Peter and his family to anybody looking to add a Vizsla to their life or anybody interestd in the breed.  Thanks to Peter and his family for the amazing addition to our brand new family!


 Thanks again Peter!!

Ed & Amy

December 30, 2009


These have got to be the most beautiful Vizslas I have ever seen. Your home is so neat to see. Clean and convenient for your dogs. I can see the love you have for those animals and I'm sure that is where they get the great personalities. My aunt and uncle got a male from you about a year and a half ago and he is just perfect (his name is Brock). I wish you much success with your site and I will highly recommend you to whoever is looking for such impressive dogs. Finally a breeder that can get more people interested in the Vizsla breed. Thank you Peter.


December 11, 2010


Lisa Yelmgrin


Santa Barbara, CA


Peter has some beautiful puppies. He is very professional and helpful when it comes to teaching you about the breed. We purchased a puppy from him back in August of 2008. I know 2 other people that have bought puppies from him that I have recommended and they are extatic with the service that he provided. Thank you for bringing our baby home to us. Lisa Yelmgrin




Tracy and David Altender

We just purchased a puppy from Peter. A male that is just the smartest dog we have ever had. He is alert, inquisitive and always wanting to please. My kids are in absolute heaven. I think Peter is very knowledgeable when it comes to Vizslas and he made our selection of our puppy very enjoyable. He took the time to answer all of our questions and made this fun for us. You can tell he cares about his Vizslas because we had to be interviewed by him before he sold us a puppy. Even though it was time consuming, I'm glad we did it, it shows that he cares about where his dogs go and they don't end up in the wrong home. I would highly recommend him if you are ever interested in this breed. Thank you for helping us find our puppy. If anyone wants a referal they can contact me at any time from my email.


Call us at 815-923-2119 to talk Vizslas