Considerable thought should be given prior to purchasing a new Vizsla puppy.  Purchasing a puppy is a major commitment. Please make sure that someone is home to watch out for the pup, especially at the beginning of the puppy's life. Our Vizslas are our family and protecting our puppies is our greatest concern.

We do have an interview process for everyone that is looking to get a Vizsla from us. We want to make sure that this is a right fit for the owners and especially for the new Vizsla puppy.

Vizslas are very affectionate and need human contact. You should also have a back up plan of someone that will take care of the pup if for whatever emergency arises and you can't care for your Vizsla.

Even though it may seem like a nice gesture to surprise someone with a new puppy, make sure  that person will be responsible for the well being of the dog. Once again, it's a huge commitment so, PLEASE think twice before you decide to bring a Vizsla into your life. If you have any reservations, wait until you are certain the time is right to take on the commitment of caring for your pup. 

Call us to talk Vizslas and we will do our best to try and answer your questions. 815-923-2119

Thank you.


Tip: When you bring your puppy home for the 1st time they may whine and yelp that night because they are in new surroundings and away from their littermates.  You can put an article of clothing in with the pup that you have worn to calm them down.  Eventually they will stop being so fussy.  

Tip:  Never let water sit out for the pup while you we are housebreaking them.  We want to monitor water intake when we are trying to housebreak.  Make sure you always give a puppy fresh water.  We change our adult dogs water 4 times a day even if it looks clean.  Change it frequently especially on hot summer days.  Fresh water is very important to a healthy puppy and adult Vizslas

Call us for availability - 815-923-2119

Call us for availability - 815-923-2119

Our Vizsla Puppies are AKC Certified and come with a Health Guarantee

 Call us for Availability


Call us for availability - 815-923-2119

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